The Diagonal Story

How frequently are you forced to choose a side? It is as if modern life presents us with endless “either/or” choices and expects us to pick one of the two options: Are you a right-brain person, or a left-brain person? Will you provide great customer service or create great products? Is your organization introvert or extrovert?

At Diagonal, we love such opposites. But, we don’t limit our thinking by them. Nor do we fall into the trap of conflicting priorities. Instead of substituting this for that, we seek a third option. A way of transcending the artificial boundaries of the mind...

We acknowledge the existence of polarities, and address them aptly. Except, rather than picking a side, we harness the creative energy generated from opposition. By dedicating equal time, effort and care to contrasts, we create a new, unexpected, and efficient way to connect the dots in a diagonal way.

Let us help you to move away from the wasteland of either/or thinking, to the magical kingdom of both/and imagining. No longer will you be forced to choose either this or that... Instead, we will create the right climate so that you can see the possibility of having both this and that. Then, we will roll up our sleeves, get our hands dirty, and create the best solution for you.

We call it, the Diagonal way.



Owner / Creative Director

Allison is owner and creative director at Diagonal. She has worked as a graphic designer for 16 years, and as creative director for the past 8 for various agencies in London, Milan and Toronto. She has practiced both branding and advertising. She has designed both packaging and branded events. She has strategized both B2B and B2C clients. 

If conceptualizing is what she does, then collaboration is how she does it. “Playing well with others” has been her cardinal virtue. Externally, she enjoys working closely with her clients, leading idea generation and strategy sessions for them. And internally, she prides herself on mentoring her team. 

Her portfolio includes an array of clients from vastly different sectors, including Vogue Italia / Vanity Fair / RBS / HSBC / Barclaycard International / Shell / Motorola / British Telecom / Jamieson Vitamins / SickKids Foundation / The Italian Chamber of Commerce of Ontario / Canadian Tire Corporation  among others.


Brand Strategist

Günter is an insightful brand strategist with significant experience in corporate communications. Holding a B.Sc. in Psychology, his thinking is heavily influenced by the unconscious mind. He also has an MBA degree from McGill University.

He thinks about organizations as stories. He develops a unique, story-based brand strategy approach, which draws parallels between branding and mythology. Günter is also a PROSCI-certified change management consultant, using the ADKAR methodology.

Günter helps organizations dream collectively and design collaboratively. Working with senior executives, he creates the most appropriate change strategy, design techniques and effective communications tactics. He engages and aligns stakeholders through facilitated sessions, ensuring the successful adoption of corporate cultural shifts.

Günter has helped many brands, ranging from complex stakeholder organizations to start-ups. His client list includes, but not limited to: Tourism Turkey / Ontario Ministry of Education / FOX TV / Morgan Stanley / Chango / Crate & Barrel / among others.



Graphic Designer

Sepideh is an accomplished graphic designer and photographer who has spent the last 8 years honing her craft at agencies in Canada, France and Iran.

She has worked on graphic design projects for international clients such as ArchiSTORM Magazine, Thierry Mandon Election, Les Ulis, DCU and Auxerre, and as a photographer for Bookstorming in Paris.

Sepideh holds a master degree in graphic design at the université de Strasbourg and a bachelor’s degree in photography at Azad University in Tehran, Iran. She is bilingual in French and English. 



Brand Experience Architect

Achim is a creator and architect of captivating brand experiences and experiential strategies that start conversations and connect people around shared values - moments that make people want to know more about a brand, a product or service - interactions that foster a bond between a brand and its audience. 

Whether it’s a trade-show experience that communicates RONA’s sustainability efforts, the worldwide launch of adidas’ first jeans or the VIP experience for Cirque de Soleil’s Beatles LOVE show in Las Vegas.

Achim focuses on quality user experiences and culturally relevant solutions, when he designs and develops events, environments and processes. Whenever possible, he inject art and cultural aspects into the projects. It’s not just loads of fun for him. It also communicates the brand’s vision and values in a memorable way and helps the brand connect with its audience beyond the purchase of a product.

In order to develop such experiences he carefully examines a brand’s vision and values and translates them into a signature brand experience that resonates deeply with its audience and leaves the consumer wanting more.





Everyone at Diagonal is bilingual: we speak the language of design, but we are also fluid in strategy. We can seamlessly transform an insight into a robust brand idea. By blending the longings of your customers with the potential of your organizations, we will help your brand ascend to greatness.


We believe in the captivating power of storytelling. In life, everything has a narrative. So must your brand... Diagonal is full of story buffs. We will capture your organization’s myth, turning it into a fascinating brand story. Then we will go out, and bring your narrative to life with identity design, marketing tactics, and organizational training.


Here at Diagonal we think no two screens should be alike. We optimize user experience by personalizing your digital presence, and designing web environments as well as apps. Whether your customers are using a mobile phone, or a laptop, we think their interaction should be seamless. That’s precisely what we offer.


“Print is dead!” say the cynics. We beg to differ. Instead, we think print has evolved. For it to stay relevant, print must be more innovative and aesthetic. Diagonal carefully selects the right medium, diligently optimizes visibility and craftily brings your brand story to life in a variety of print format.


“A brand is a living entity, the product of a thousand small gestures”, says the CEO of Disney. Diagonal concurs. We create interactive environments where your customers can experience your brand. We enhance the experiential identity of your brand by designing “on-brand” exhibits, events, and launches.

Diagonal Credo

  1. Diagonal will be small in size, and big on achievements.

  2. Diagonal’s seniority will come from hands-on experience, not mere age.

  3. Diagonal will be a think tank. Not as heavy as a tank.

  4. Diagonal’s objective will be to do it right, not do it all.

  5. Diagonal will over-deliver on what it promised, and under-promise what it will deliver.

  6. Diagonal will embrace scalability, and stay away from hierarchy.

  7. Diagonal will be full of wisdom, and empty of jargon.

  8. Diagonal’s departments will be separated with blurry lines, and united with transformational thinking.

  9. Diagonal will be full of people who play well with others.

  10. Diagonal is where the buck will stop. Always.