RAPP / Evoke


Brand Identity Refresh


Global agency, RAPP hired Diagonal to brand their MEA location. RAPP MEA was to become RAPP Evoke which would become their official brand for that region. The objective was to following the existing brand look & feel, and to find an interesting way to connect the words RAPP and Evoke.

Diagonal created the new brand identity using the forward slash as the visual connector between the two names. The forward slash goes back to the days of ancient Rome. In today’s modern world, the forward slash is often associated with technology. The forward slash is also used to avoid taking a position in a naming controversy, allowing the juxtaposition of both names without stating a preference.

In addition, the diagonality of the forward slash creates a more dynamic composition, and helps visually reference to the UAE Expo 2020 logo. In the RAPP/Evoke logo, the angle of the forward slash in this option mimicks the same angle as the outside tail of the RAPP speech bubble.