Jamieson Vitamins


Event Branding


A campaign strategy was created for Jamieson Vitamin’s annual Sales & Marketing Meeting. The challenge was to engage Jamieson’s sales and marketing teams, both celebrating their successes and encouraging a closer working environment between the two teams. The answer to these challenges was created through a concept of Superheroes, empowering and giving permission for both teams to feel like heroes at work. We created a main superhero, called Vita Man. Vita Man’s team included such characters as Marilyn Multi (the multi vitamin for women), Ruby Red (an antioxidant found in the skin of red grapes), Frankie Flax (Omega), Chester Chewable (Vitamin C), and Mr. Sunshine (Vitamin D). Like all superheroes, they have their enemies. Vita Man’s archenemy is the evil Dr. Generic (who contains generic, low-quality, sub-standard ingredients and synthetic forms of fat-solubles). Dr. Generic’s side-kick is Couch Potato, hired to spread unhealthiness by planting junk food bombs that contain bleached sugars, artificial colouring and aspartame. The strategy was activated top to bottom in all meeting collateral and experiential activities. Pre-meeting activation included launching a viral teaser, called Digital Chase. The teaser was executed online and through social media channels, and engaged the audience with trying to find or “chase” clues and riddles. During the event, a green screen was set up where attendees could take their pics against a green screen and choose their superhero background that would be shared through social media channels.

Illustrations by Ferd Poblete.